These delicious little red jewels are incredibly useful things to have in your kitchen;

6 Health Benefits of Barberry

  1. Fights Infection
  2. Aids the GI Tract
  3. Prevents and treats diabetes
  4. Good for Heart Health
  5. Combats Metabolic Syndrome
  6. Cleanses the liver

Thompson Raisin

Thomson raising are one of the most sought after items used in the confectionary. Could be enjoyed as a snack or sprinkled over a salad or dessert…

TAJ Raisins are dried naturally (Sun-dried) and treated without any additive and are high in sugar level. Sun
drying is seen as a natural way to produce raisins that not only gives them a particular intense flavours but also maintains the delicate balance of nutrients of the original grape fruit.

No additives or preservative.


135 g

Thomson Raisin

300 g

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